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How to get from Metro station Domodedovskaya to Domodedovo airport

How to get from Metro station Domodedovskaya to Domodedovo airportHello, dear readers and blog subscribers, let’s go on talking about Moscow infrastructure, today we are talking neither about museums nor churches, but about quite a common thing for many guests of our capital, which is "How to get from Metro station Domodedovskaya to Domodedovo airport". This information will be useful for people arriving in Moscow by train with following depart to hot countries or getting from one airport to another. Why do I choose metro? The answer is simple: I don’t want to pay 800 rubles for an aeroexpress train. Indeed, if I have enough time, it’s better to save money. This option is very useful for a four member family, which gains maximum an hour but pays 3000 rubles; however, the choice is up to you, of course.

The Capital Of Russia. What is interesting to see

capital of russia

capital of russia

The capital of Russia, where it is and how it is called? That was the question asked by many inhabitants of the planet. Hello my name is Ivan Semin and I'll tell you about the capital of their homeland, Moscow. How did you know 🙂 The capital of Russia - Moscow. This is one of the most beautiful and largest cities in the world. In 2015 the population of Moscow has more than 13 million people, it is just a huge number of people. When I'm in this year moved to live in Moscow, I immediately realized that if I was going every weekend to visit different museums, exhibitions and various cultural monuments and buildings, then I would need about 10 years I want to remind you that the purpose of this blog is to talk to all residents our blue globe about their country, its beautiful locales and denizens, introduce you to the Russian mentality.