How to get to the monastery Matrona in Moscow

How to get to the monastery Matrona in Moscow

Hello everybody! Today I would like to tell you how to find St. Matron Monastery in Moscow. I believe that there is no need to present who exactly St. Matron is, she is known by all Orthodox for her outstanding role in the history of our country and for the performed miracles. It is the interesting question for the tourists in the Russian capital how to visit the convent, where the reliquary of St. Matron of Moscow lies. The following text will give you the detailed manual how to reach the convent. Moreover, you can find some interesting video, which tells the history of the monastery and who St. Matron is.

[tip](Also it is recommended to visit Relics of St.Speridon of Trimiphun in Moscow)[/tip]

The Pokrovsly Convent of St. Matron from Moscow

Among pilgrims the Pokrovsky Convent of St. Matron from Moscow is very popular place to visit. When I first time was in Moscow, I also wanted to visit the Convent, but there was no information how to find it in the internet.

[tip]The address of the Convent: Taganskaya st. 58[/tip]

How to get to the monastery Matrona in Moscow-2

The most convenient way to get there (especially in Moscow) is underground. Two stations will be interesting for you:

  • Marksistskaya station
  • Taganskaya station

I have named two stations, because they are located very close to each other. Also sometimes one of them can be closed sometimes because of the construction works.

From Taganskaya station to st matrona of moscow

Let’s find out how to get to the convent from Taganskaya underground station. It is located a bit more distance from St. Matron monastery, but it is easier to reach, because it is the round line station.

After Taganskaya station  you should turn right. You will be on the avenue, where you have to cross the number of crosswalks in the direction of MacDonald’s (which will be located on the left side of you).

How to get to the monastery Matrona in Moscow-3

You should go straight, reach Taganskaya street. This is the street, which we need.

How to get to the monastery Matrona in Moscow-

How to get to the monastery Matrona in Moscow-4

There is how Taganskaya station looks from the distance.

How to get to the monastery Matrona in Moscow-5

From Marksistkaya station

This station is located more close to our goal, because it is on Taganskaya street.

st matrona of moscow

When you come out from the underground, you will be in the underground crosswalk; you should turn left and take the stairs up. At the right side you will have Taganskyi Passazh mall, in front of the underground station there will be MacDonald’s.

Take right, Taganskyi Passazh mall will be on the left of you.

st matrona of moscow-2

On the bus stop you will meet drivers, who suggest taking you to the convent. It is better not to use their services, because their rate is around 80 roubles and there are just 3 bus stops to the convent. You can take public transport, using the same ticket as to the underground trip.

st matrona of moscow-3

After one km walk you will see red walls of the convent.

st matrona

There is the image of St. Matron on the walls.

st matrona-2

If you come into the first gates, you will see the table with the address of the convent on it (Taganskaya 58).

st matrona-3

Inside the St. Matron convent

So we get inside the convent territory and there is the beautiful yellow temple in front of you.

saint matrona

On the left there are the small chapel with the image of St. Matron and the stands with her history line. You also can buy some bottles for the saint water.

saint matrona-2

On the left you will see the long queue to the icon, where people ask for the help with infertility problems. There is much evidence that St. Matron can grant desperate with the baby, help to make the birth process fine, give the health for a newborn.

saint matrona-3

On the right you will see the small white building, where you can fill your bottle with saint water.

saint matrona-4

There is how the water taps look like.

matrona meaning

If you go forward, you will see the big cross. Usually the queue is so long, that stays far behind this cross. But in winter period there are less people.

matrona meaning-2

There is how the main entrance looks like.

matrona meaning-3

The queue to the relics stands on the right from the temple.

matrona meaning-4

Now we go down the stairs, in front of you there is the beautiful silver-coloured shrine with the relics. I decided not to make a photo, because there are thoughts of another type in mind.

But I couldn’t lose the chance to make the photo of the inside of the temple to show how beautiful it is. I strongly recommend you to pray in front of the icons “Unexpected happiness with the Virgin” for the children needs and their health. There are a lot of saint relics and places in the temple.

How to get to the monastery Matrona in Moscow-5

I believe now you know how to get to St. Matron convent in Moscow.

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