The church of Pope Climent in Moscow

The church of Pope Climent in Moscow

Dear readers,
It is a long time I have not written. Not it is high time to solve this problem. I have visited a lot of places in Moscow recently, one of them was the church of Pope Climent in Moscow. This church looks like no other, it is very memorable. In the following text you will find the full excursion for this place. It is the only church in Moscow built in Barocco style and I am sure you have to visit it.

I would like to remind you that previously we have visited the temples with the relics of St. Matron and St. Spyridon. The first was Pokrovskyi Convent of St. Matron, the second was the church on Uspenskyi Vrazhek street. I strongly recommend to visit them, you will not regret.

On the contrary to our previous trip, the Pope Climent Church is located in 2 minutes walk from the underground station. But before our visit I would like to present you the Pope and to tell you what he is famous for in Orthodox and Religious world.

Pope St. Climent

I think  few of you are able to answer the question who is Climent from Rome and why the church is called after him.

That is how he approximately looked like.The church of Pope Climent in Moscow

Pope St. Climent lived in the eternal city Rome, in 1-2 centuries, in the period of  government of such emperors as Trine, Neuron and Domitian. According to the legends, Climent was from very influential noble family, but in the childhood he was separated from his relatives. Climent was very  curious and persistent boy, he always tried to find out the truth, visited philosophical clubs in the capital. But he was not satisfied with the things that he heard there. Living in Rome he received an excellent education, lived in the atmosphere of luxury and was close to the emperor. When he  heard that the Son of the God was in Judea, he immediately started his journey, because he was interested in the question of the Meaning of Life for a long time.

During his trip he met Peter the Apostle, who told him about Jesus Christ and helped to find faith. Climent became Peter’s helper during his sermons.

Both visited different cities in the Syrian shore and together fought with Simon-the-Magus. St. Simon became very famous for his sermons and he was made the  bishop in Rome (91A. D.) after St. Lin and St. Anacklet. Lin was the bishop in Rome (67-79 A.D.), then the bishop was Anacklet (79-91 A.D.)

St. Climent was under impression of Apostles sermons, he was much influenced by St. Petrus.

That is how he was described by St. Irene:

«He had the words of Apostles in his years and their image in his eyes »

Being humble and meek, knew well the Scriptures and the Greek philosophy. After his speeches about the God misery and  Heaven Kingdom, which waits for those who with hope and faith comes into it,  many Jews and pagans turned into Christian faith.

Pope St. Climent was the author of famous Letter to the Church in Corinth, which is partly used in the Bible. In this Letter he asks the riots to maintain the unity of the members of the union of Body of Christ, to be respectful to the hierarchy, established by Apostles. There is an opinion that he is also an author of the following masterpieces: The rules of St. Apostles, The regulations of Apostles.

The church of Pope Climent in Moscow-2

It was very hard time for Christians and St. Climent, according to the edict of Emperor Trajan he was sent to the east border of the Empire – to Chersonese. There he met 2000 Christians, who were  the convicts because of their faith. Climent comforted them, reminded about eternal bliss and because of his prays the new water source opened for them. Being outside of his home region he continued his sermons and lessons for the pagans. In the result within the year new 75 churches were built.

After a few years time the Emperor decided to appoint there very cruel governor, his main goal was fighting with new Christians. The new despot immediately started to fight with St. Climent. Firstly, he implemented tortures: the Saint was tightened to the

A bit further, the Emperor appointed very crucial governor, his goal was fighting with massive evangelizing wave. New despot imidiatelly started his fight with St. Climent. First he started to torture him: the anchor was tightened to the Saint’s neck and thrown in Black Sea to give people no chance to find his body and pray to him. But the God did not leave orphaned spiritual flock without their shepherd. He heard the prayers: the sea receded, the Christians saw the body in 300 metres from the cost. Starting from that moment the sea has receded annual to give people time to pray.

Long time left in 860 year, apostle of the Slaves, St. Kirill was forwarded to Hersonissos. When he came to the city with his brother Mifodyi, he found out about the miracle and convinced clergy and the flock to ask the God to save the relics. After the united pray in midnight the relics of St. Climent came out from the water. Kirill and Mefodyi have caught them and presented to Pope Andrian  II in Rome. This connection of Russian Orthodox church with one of the first bishops in Rome is very important and shows that it stick to strong apostle tradition.

The temple of Pope St. Climent

Now we know who St.Climent is, let’s find out how to visit his temple. If you have a car here is an address:

Pyatnitskaya street, 26. Building 1

But the majority of the guests use the underground system. You will need Tretyakovskaya station, orange line (Kalugsko-Rigskaya)

As you see on the map this church is located in 60 metres from the underground station, which is very comfortable.

The temple of Pope St. Climent

When you come out from the underground, you will see MacDonalds building. I do not advert this, but I remind that there you can buy coffee and tea or go use the toilet for free.

The temple of Pope St. Climent-2

At the left you will see the beautiful church, it is not the temple we need:), you have to turn right.

The temple of Pope St. Climent-3

You will immediately see this beauty,  it looks different in contrast with Orthodox churches. The temple of Pope St. Climent is built in baroque style with use of order forms.

The temple of Pope St. Climent-4

You can enjoy the sight of this church for ever, in each period of the year it has its specific beauties.

The temple of Pope St. Climent-5

If you go round this building, you will see fantastic closed gates, they are opened only during holidays. I hope you enjoyed the video with the outside sight of the temple.

The church of Pope Climent in Moscow-1

On the top of the gates you will see the cherubim.

The church of Pope Climent in Moscow-2

The church of Pope Climent in Moscow-3

The church of Pope Climent in Moscow-4

If you are in Moscow in spring or summer and it is sunny outside, you will enjoy such view.

The church of Pope Climent in Moscow-5

On the top of the central entrance you will see the image of Pope St. Climent, who welcomes you in the temple.

The church of Pope Climent in Moscow-6

Near the entrance, you will find the sign with the history of the temple.

The church of Pope Climent in Moscow-7

The interior of the temple will shock you, just look at the iconostasis.

moscow church of the nazarene-1

Pay your attention to the statues standing on the both sides.

moscow church of the nazarene-2

moscow church of the nazarene-3

moscow church of the nazarene-4

moscow church of the nazarene-5

When you come inside and look upwards, you feel so small in this world.

As you see in the video, here is very beautiful and the calm music plays.

The church of Pope Climent in Moscow-11

The church of Pope Climent in Moscow-12

The temple of St. Climent is the pearl. If even you are not Orthodox, you should visit it to see the architecture, you will not regret.

The church of Pope Climent in Moscow-13

At the moment in the temple there are worships according to the timetable. You can see it in details on the official website.

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