The relics of Saint Spyridon in Moscow

The relics of Saint Spyridon in Moscow-01

Hello, my dear readers. I would like to continue publishing the outlook of Moscow churches and today we are going to visit the temple, in which the relics of Saint Spyridon. If you don’t know, he is the Saint, who helps with material needs. The most interesting fact is that the Saint died long ago and his body is in Greece, but the monks have to wear him in the new shoes each year as it wear out. It is said that this is because St. Spyridon walks around the world and asks for the people needs.

Earlier I have told how I had visited St. Matron church on Taganskaya street, overviewed in details how to get to the Pokrovskyi convent. This article also will be the map for the tourists and pilgrims.

Saint Spyridon

The relics of Saint Spyridon in Moscow-02

Saint Spyridon

Let’s find out some facts about this Saint and the miracles, performed by him. He was born in the end of the III Century on Cyprus, in his childhood he helped to shepherd the sheep, he lived sinless and godly. People were attracted by his kindness and compassion. St. Spyridon gave shelter for the homeless, fed the starving. For the hard praying for the God , he was granted by the power to heal the incurable patients and cast out demons.

Within the kingship of Konstantin (324-337) Saint Spyridon was elected as the Bishop of Trimifunt city, that is why he has the additional name Trimifuntskyi. Being the Bishop he still had the pure soul and made good deeds. It is said that he participated in the first  Oecumenica Concilia in 325 year. During this meeting the Saint had the discussion with the Greek, who protected Aryi’s heresy (Aryi-the-Priest rejected the fact that there is the God and the fact that the Son of the God was born from the Father-God and believed that Jesus Christ is the supreme creation). As the result of the speech of St. Spyridon Aryi-the-Priest became the Christian and the faith protector, everybody saw the  infirmity of the human mind against the Wisdom of God.

In the same day the Saint proved the triune of the God. He took the ordinary brick and squeezed it so hard that flame came up from the brick, water poured down and just clay was kept in his hand.

«All three elements, but the brick is united, — said the Saint, —the same is the Saint Trinity, three faces and the united God ».

The miracles of St. Spyridon

The relics of Saint Spyridon in Moscow-03

The miracles of St. Spyridon

Within his magical life St. Spyridon made a lot of miracles, but , of course, more miracles he made afterwards. For example, when there was the service in the service and the firs in lamps was almost burnt, the Saint became very upset and the God saw it and made the lamps full with firs. It was only the beginning of the miracles of St. Spyridon . One time when he came in the empty church and asked to fire the lamps, the worship started.

Then the Sainted shouted:

«Peace to all»

And suddenly, from nowhere deacons and he heard the variety of voices:

«And to you»

The voices were so many and so pretty that people were in harry to get to the church to hear them better. Closer they get – more beautiful the voices become, but when they came in the church, they saw that there are just St. Spyridon and a few people.

The Saint also healed seriously ill Emperor Konstantin and he could speak with dead souls. For example, he spoke with  the dead daughter Irina, who was being prepared for burying. There is the fact that the woman with the dead baby came to him and asked for help, St. Spyridon prayed and the baby came alive.

The relics of Saint Spyridon in Moscow-04

St Spyridon

To say the truth , it was very unique  thaumaturge. He was very ordinary person, but with the great magical power, which was coming from God. After his words the weather became better and the dead awoke.

In 1948 the family with the son George, who hadn’t spoken from his childhood, came to Kerkira to see Saints’ relics. The mother saw the dream that the boy was healed by the Saint, she was praying for 3 days and when the boy touched the relics George immediately started to speak.

And there are much more such miracles, I strongly recommend you to read Saint’s biography, there are many interesting facts.


How to get to St. Spyridon temple in Moscow

Now you understand how fantastic this Saint is, how he helps everybody, who asks him. He walks around the world to find people he can help. This manual will show you how to get to his church easily. You will have a chance to pray for him and to ask him about something that you really want.

We  will use underground, but if you have a car, you can come from another city and use navigation system. You will see the address in the following text. The temple is located in the city center and it is better to get there from Ohotnyi ryad station (red line).

The relics of Saint Spyridon in Moscow-05

If you are coming from the bottom stations (south), on Ohotnyi ryad station you need to get from the train and turn left, the sighs will show you the road to Red Square. If you are coming from north, turn right. Take the middle escalator upstairs, come outside of the underground station and and turn right. Come straight and then right again, go upstairs.

You will see one of the main Moscow streets, Tverskaya street. You need to go straight forward for 200 meters. And we should mention, that there is Kremlin behind.;)

The relics of Saint Spyridon in Moscow-06

Relics of St. Spyridon in Moscow

Tvesrkaya street includes a wide variety of historical buildings with rich history. There is no space to tell each story and I would like to focus only on that buildings, which we can meet on our way.

The first thing to see is Ermolova Theatre. If you have seen it, you are on the right way.

The relics of Saint Spyridon in Moscow-07

The way to the church

Next you will see the beautiful building, where a lot of famous poets and scientists have lived . Also McDonalds is located here, I am saying about it, if you need a toilet. It is understandable, and there you can solve this problem for free. I do not know why people are criticizing McDonalds, it has a lot of advantages.

The relics of Saint Spyridon in Moscow-08

The way to the relics of St. Spyridon in Moscow

We are going far straight, there will be a lot of memorial signs with the information about the famous people, who lived on this street. We can outline this house.

The relics of Saint Spyridon in Moscow-09

The banks have very funny design, be careful in winter.

The relics of Saint Spyridon in Moscow-10

Finally, you will achieve the giant arc, it will be on the left. You will see the sign Brusov lane. It is not called after Brus Willis 🙂

The relics of Saint Spyridon in Moscow-11

We should turn left and come inside the arc.

The relics of Saint Spyridon in Moscow-12

So we have achieved Brusov  line, here the temple with St. Spyridon relics is located. A lot of well-known people  lived in this lane, you can find information on the memorial signs. Let’s go straight and become guests of St. Spyridon.

The relics of Saint Spyridon in Moscow-13

The temple of St. Spyridon in Moscow

We can come a bit closer, unfortunately we were there in winter. I believe there will be a fantastic view in spring. We will come he  together in spring.

The relics of Saint Spyridon in Moscow-14

Next to the temple, is a children's park, it will be here such a wonderful monument, look it up yourself someone.

The relics of Saint Spyridon in Moscow-15

The temple has the ordinary design for Moscow buildings.

The relics of Saint Spyridon in Moscow-16

The relics of St. Spyridon in Moscow

We have to come in the central entrance.

The relics of Saint Spyridon in Moscow-17

The temple of St. Spyridon in Moscow

The address of St. Spyridon in Moscow

And here is the address of the temple: Resurrection on the Uspenskuy Vrazhek

[tip]Brusov lane, house 15/2 building 3[/tip]

The relics of Saint Spyridon in Moscow-18

The temple of St. Spyridon in Moscow

And here is the date of the establishment of the church. As you see it was built in 1629 year, in the near future it is going to be 400 years old. It is unbelievable.

The relics of Saint Spyridon in Moscow-19

The church of Resurrection

You have to go straight, inside the temple. There is how iconostasis looks like. I have to mention that I have made all the photos to acquaint you with the temple and perhaps somebody need the photo of St. Spyridon temple, if he or she cannot afford to visit the temple. At the left there is very powerful icon of the Virgin, where a lot of people ask for help.

The relics of Saint Spyridon in Moscow-20

At the right there are two icons. The right one is with the Image of Jesus Chist, the left one is with the part of the body of St. Spyridon.

The relics of Saint Spyridon in Moscow-21

The temple of St. Sryridon in Moscow

Here you can find the part of the body

The relics of Saint Spyridon in Moscow-22

The relics of Saint Spyridon in Moscow-23

Prayers to St. Spyridon

  • The Prayer to St. Spyridon about wellbeing (the text is untranslatable )

О преблаженне святителю Спиридоне! 
Умоли благосердие Человеколюбца Бога, да не осудит нас по беззакониям нашим, но да сотворит с нами по милости своей. Испроси нам, рабам Божиим (имена), у Христа и Бога наше мирное безмятежное житие, здравие душевное и телесное. Избави нас от всяких бед душевных и телесных, от всех томлений и диавольских наветов.

Поминай нас у престола Вседержителя и умоли Господа, да подаст многих наших грехов прощение, безбедное и мирное житие да дарует нам, кончины же живота непостыдная и мирныя и блаженства вечнаго в будущем веце сподобит нас, да непрестанно возсылаем славу и благодарение Отцу и Сыну и Духу Святому, ныне и присно, и во веки веков.

[tip]How to pray in the right way>It is better to read  akathist to the Saint within 40 days, of course, not  every person is able to do it. But if you want something strongly with you soul and heart, you should ask and the Universe will help you. [/tip]

[tip]You also can pray with you own words, but from the heart.  [/tip]

When you come out of the temple, you can see the park in front of you. There you can see the Angel Monument.

The relics of Saint Spyridon in Moscow-24

And not very far away you will see the Monument of Mr. Rostrapovich

The relics of Saint Spyridon in Moscow-25

So I had such an interesting visit to the relics of St. Spyridon in Moscow. If you have any questions, please, ask me in the comments.

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